They say home is where the heart is
But this home no longer has hearts in it
Why then do we still consider it home
Why do we still try to make it work

To say i don't love you still would be lieing
But yet you're the reason i spend everyday crying
What happened to the prince i found charming
And when did i turn into this bitch always complaining
I can't even blame it all on you
There were many times i made you the fool

But yet something still draws us back
Makes us want to give it our all yet again
And when it seems our hearts are coming back
It slips right out...Again
And all those problems begin to come back
And we are left yelling at each other while still clinging to each other

Maybe this is what our love is meant to look like
Or maybe we're both just too cowardly to let go
Even in all this mess we're more afraid of being alone
And so we are bound to this until one or both self destruct


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