Albinos are  majority criticized, stigmatized or hunted for their body parts in many parts of Africa. Each day the live through this trauma, but for one night in Kenya where rather than hide in shame, they took to the catwalk to show off their unique beauty.

The first thought that came to my mind after hearing about this was a line from that famous song by Alessa Cara (Scars till you're beautiful)...."you don't have to change a thing, the world can change its heart". 

This simply captures everything this pagent aimed at acheiving.  

The Kenyan Albinism Society organised the pageant to celebrate ten years of its existence and to show the beauty in persons living with albinism as well as to eradicate the stigma associated with the medical condition.

The pagent displayed the contestants in various outfit of various occupations and professions which was simply to show that they could belong in any work force they wished and to give them the self confidence they needed to survive in this tough world.

Top politicians including Isaac Mwaura, Kenya’s only albino Member of Parliament, were present at the special event.

Jarius Ong’etta was crowned Mr Albinism 2016.

While Miss Albinism went to Loise Lihanda.

We need to remember that everyone is beautiful regardless of their skin color...

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