"Hope your madam won't sha take it serious". My padi, Tosin was speaking..

"Does Eniola act up when you post a birthday post for your female friends?". I replied

I had just posted a regular birthday message online for my closest female friend. A lil bit too intimate but it was nothing serious i would admit. Tosin didn't want to take this one lightly, he felt the choice of words were a bit too much. "I'm literally laughing in super powers at this point. Too much? for someone I'd known since we were like six. 

I am not even going to enter into much details about me and Fatimah, bruh, she was more like family now. I brushed him off and told him my 'madam' was not like that, She isn't petty, Ope wasn't going to flip out at  the sight of a post i made of my "female" bestfriend, atleast, that was the resonating thought in my head. 

Bruh, I was wrong. She took it to heart. She felt jealous and very possessive. 

In some light, it's fulfilling to know that someone values you so much that they get touchy. But there's such a thing as being too touchy. If I was playing around, I surely wouldn't do it in public. 

What hurt more was the issue of having to 'filter' my social media posts and actions because my girl might take offence. It's a huge downer. Unfortunately some might argue that I'm just being silly and that I should respect my girl enough to not be cozy with other girls. 

Bruh!!! Was i actually being cozy?

I didn't realise you couldn't be yourself anymore because of a relationship!!!

Ope why?

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