Sorry guys, i haven't been ranting recently, Exams are eating my ass out!!!

Trust me, this is not the time to fuck around. Yes, fuck around! I have a carrier that ranting to but then imma drop you guys a quick one.

So, my large-lipped roommate whom we don't like much (Let's just say "Colonel Lipold") had his buddy from another hall over at our place (someone who also happens to be a friend by association), and it coincided with dinner time. 

Based on boys chow and movement, contributions were made towards evening chow but Big lips didn't contribute because, stinginess. We were all hungry after studying for hours! We waited for minutes as the 'hell fire' slowly cooked our Spaghetti with plenty pepper. 

After fifteen minutes of waiting (they lied, it's not ten minutes kan-kan), we finally settled down to eat even though we knew an extra mouth is always a full mouth.

Now here's the twist. After someone unceremoniously shouted for the plates to be washed ( they have a habit of piling up), Big lips a.k.a Colonel Lipold a.k.a Ca-LIP-so a.k.a phil-LIPs who took the last baze purposely asked his friend to make sure the plate he lent him was washed. 

My other roomies took it up big time. If there was someone to wash those plates, it had to be LIPold!!! We have had enough of his bullshit!

Where did he leave his courtesy? Under the bed? Ca-LIP-so was outmatched in the shout match. We asked his friend to leave the plate and head on his way. 

We finally got a way to get back at him.

If our mumu of a roommate didn't have sense, we'd lend him some. There was enough to go around in the room!

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