On our First Issue of the "My African Story", we feature Nigerian based designer, Faith Oluwajimi, a knitwear maker behind the idea, BLOKE Wears.


Faith Oluwajimi is a young Nigerian knitwear designer, who has incorporated his dark, mysterious but beautiful personality into his works. Since Faith started experimenting in knitwear designing he has gathered so much followings for his unique style.

Originally from a small town the in Nigeria Ijebu Ode in Ogun state. Faith was obsessed with the big bright lights and the hustle and bustle of City Life especially in Lagos. whenever he visited Lagos he always found himself standing and gazing in lost at the busy streets, people and landscape and imagined how this can be interpreted in the concept of knitwear design.

At the age of 17, he decided to start his Fashion career and moved to Lagos, where he quickly found himself pushing his creative boundaries. But not until he was 19 when he meet Babatunde Oyeyemi ( Head Designer and Creative Director of two successful Nigerian brands MAXIVIVE & MXVV)  a relatively young but older designer who took Faith under his wings from that moment Faith began to shape his career in Design and his love for knitwear design and aesthetics grew

Whilst learning more about Design, Creation ,Pattern Cutting, he began to build strong relationships with other emerging designers they all had one interest in common to create new and fresh concepts from the new generation in Nigeria, they wanted to speak through fashion to communicate their dreams and vision of a New Creative Nigeria and with that fresh approach to creativity, Faith created his own brand BLOKE where he creates knitwear pieces through the eyes of the new youth movement in Nigeria.

Faith is inspired by personalities, environment and personal experiences. He takes pride in having hands-on creative knitwear designing, construction and deconstruction of garments, and creative direction of his photo shoots.

With his believe in a different kind aesthetic, Faith was able to use his brand to carve out a niche for himself which led to amazing collaborations with other established Nigerian brands like MXVV where the brand designed knitwear lightweight sweaters for the MXVV brand Wet Collection 2016 which was showcased at South Africa Mensweek in Febuary 2016.

H2W: The Hows, Whats and Wheres?

  • Can we meet you? 
My name is Faith Oluwajimi. I am a knit designer and a final year student of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta studying Agriculture.
The name of my brand is BLOKE which has been featured on Vogue Italia, BOF and so on, the list is endless.

Tell us your African Story
  • How did you make your first sale? 
I made my first sale from making bespoke knitwear which was requested for by a family friend.
  • How did you get funded or what creative strategies did you use to execute on minimal cash flow? 
I funded my brand from family support and personal income, and later on income from orders from my clients.
  • What mindsets helped make you successful? 
I am a perfectionist, and I have low tolerance for mediocrity. Those two factors have always been the right push so far in my career as a designer. There isn’t any other secret beyond that.
  • How did you distinguish yourself from your competitors? 
Right now, I am in a league of my own, I took the road less travelled and I am constantly exploring the possibilities of knitwear design. That’s enough.

  • What was your biggest mistake? 
Me lobbying around for artistes to wear my pieces while I was starting up because I felt then, that was the right way to get approval of my brand.
  • How did you deal with failure? 
I see failure as a reminder that I can do better. So, I don’t really feel bad when I fail, but I must confess that I always want to win.
  • How did you learn from failure? 
I retrace my steps, try to see and know what made me fail so as not to fall in the same plight again then I learn how to deal with such situations better.
  • What was unexpected? 
Nothing was unexpected; I expected the failures, and the wins. That’s what makes life interesting.
  • What did you learn? 
I have learnt so far that anything is possible, if you can work for it.
  • What would you have done differently? 
Nothing, apart from believing more in me while starting up my brand.
  • A Sentence to Young Nigerians who are being inspired by you. 
You can’t afford to be a local champion when the world is yours. 


BLOKE is an androgynous Knitwear label based in Lagos that is Quirky and Artsy with love for Eccentric Aesthetic.

It is a brand which continually explores the possibilities of the creation of knitted garments, a non follower of trend which rather takes pride in setting trend which leans towards a futuristic and innovative manner.

More recently, the brand has been gathering a lot of following from press and notable fashion editors such as Elisa Zaccanti, Sara Maino etc and has also been featured on international press such as Vogue Italia, Business of Fashion amongst many others.

The Brand was recently chosen has one of the 500 Fashion Brands changing Fashion globally by Vogue Talents and Vogue Italia.

One of the brands big Achievement was been featured on the Business Of Fashion Website

BLOKE was established as an independent brand in 2013 based in Lagos, Nigeria with pieces been sold in Nigeria and also exclusively on the Focus Man website in London.

The brand has collaborated with reputable brands such as Maxivive and also had an in house knitwear design stint for British Nigerian designer Tokyo James amongst many others.

Video coming soon.

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