Natural hair these days is like a must do, one in every three girls you meet has natural hair. A lot of people, me for example, have been wondering if maybe virgin hair isn’t exactly for everyone. I mean for one it takes a lot of care and money to get it to the right texture and degree of softness and just maybe in the end even after all that stress it doesn’t get to where you want it to. Now I’m sure a lot of people might have a different opinion and so I don’t want to just base this on my thoughts alone. So I did a little research on the pros and cons of natural hair and if the reward outweighs the consequences for you then natural hair sounds like a good Idea. But if the consequences outweighs then maybe sticking to the chemicals might just be for you…
Here are the pros and cons;

A lot of men seem to really like natural hair and would probably go out of their way to show you that. There’s just something about a girl with a full head of natural hair. 
Your hair is much healthier in its natural state.  Laying off the heat and perms and sticking to natural hair products would do a lot for the health of your hair
Your hair would be much much fuller than when it is relaxed. I have to say this is my best part about natural hair.
Natural hair is totally trending right now and it seems like it’s going to stay that way for a long time. 
There’s a certain feel of accomplishment when you has successfully transitioned to natural hair, and it turns out way easier for you.

Going natural is like going back to those younger days where hair was usually a pain, especially when combing it. And so before you get as far as most people you would see have gone, you would first have to go through the rebirth of your hair and the many many trying mornings it will bring
The initial stage of natural hair will come with a lot of insecurities like does it fit me, do I look good, can I possibly get it to tame down a little and so on. At this point you might question yourself a lot and wonder why the hell you did it 
Hair can never really be alike. While hers might have taken a year to grow to about 12 inches, yours might just take two years to do the same and the texture still might not be the same as hers. So you have to learn to understand your hair
If not taken care of properly, natural hair can very easily turn out to be a hot tangled mess
If you taught your straight hair was time consuming before then I’m sorry to inform you that natural hair consumes double that time especially when managing and styling it…
The hardest part of Natural hair is the transitioning process. A lot of people aren’t physically ready to chop their hair and so instead they prefer transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair. I must tell you it can be really hard especially if you lack the patience for it
Now the question of leaving your hair out when fixing a weave is a big don’t…you definitely won’t like the outcome
You are majorly restricted to protective hair style and natural hair product which could just burn a whole in your pocket

Now this isn’t trying to say one hair is better than the other. Really it’s what works for you and what you have the time and patience for. I personally haven’t gone natural…yet because right now, I just don’t have the patience for it and although people say it gets better when you find the right product for it, I’m not exactly really to go through all that process. Maybe later I might just fall in love with natural hair to the put I’m willing to try. We’ll just have to see how it goes. In the meant time I suggest you learn to embrace and manage your hair, whether natural or relaxed.

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