Today's lesson is on Quitting Tobacco. So smoking as we all know is bad for the health...especially tobacco. Yet some of us choose to ignore it while some of us are actually trying to quit it. Quitting something so addictive can be really hard but trust me it will be well worth it in the end.

I'd like to educate you today on the bright side to the Quitting process of smoking, as a lot of us give up along the line due to the difficulty of quitting. Well these are a little encouragements for tobacco quitters and basic knowledge for non smokers;

  • Within 20 minutes of quitting: Your blood pressure and pulse rate drop to normal and the temperature of your hands and feet increases to normal.
  • Within 8 hours of quitting: Your blood carbon monoxide levels drop and your blood oxygen levels increase to normal levels.
  • Within 24 hours of quitting: Your risk of a sudden heart attack goes down.
  • Within 48 hours of quitting: Your nerve endings begin to regrow. Your senses of smell and taste begin to return to normal.
  • Within 2 weeks to 3 months of quitting: Your circulation improves. Walking becomes easier. Your lungs work better. Wounds heal more quickly.
  • Within 1 to 9 months of quitting: You have more energy. Smoking-related symptoms, such as coughing, nasal congestion, fatigue, and shortness of breath improve. You will have fewer illnesses, colds, and asthma attacks. You will gradually no longer be short of breath with everyday activities.
  • Within 1 year of quitting: Your risk of coronary heart disease is half that of someone still using tobacco.
  • Within 5 years of quitting: Your risk of mouth, throat, esophagus, and bladder cancers are reduced by half.
  • Within 10 years of quitting: Your risk of dying from lung cancer is about one half that of a person who still smokes.

It will be difficult. But gradually it gets better and better till you are eventually out of the danger zone and your life gradually gets back to normal.

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