A month after releasing his highly anticipated album, Gold, we review the musical inspiration of the Photoshop King”.  The electrifying Yoruba and Lingual soul singer has given us a reason to fold all cards in for his music. His exceptional vocals and wonderful tunes to every genre he sang on the album was professionally placed. The Album which features 16 songs from different genres is a wildcard you wouldn’t want to place a bet on for fear of losing your money.

The songs are so carefully placed that in your moment of solitude and wanting despair, avec a pair of Headsets; you’re on a journey to a musical wonderland. With 14 tracks on the album Mix and Mastered by Nigerian Singer, Simi, you would be in total shock that the Lady, Simi, is a bundle of talent. She gave the mixing all her best.

The tracks from the Introduction sets you on a life Journey of Adekunle’s solitude in the Lord to be famous for a positive substance, something rarely seen these days in contemporary albums other than Funny Skits as introductions. The producer’s desperation to create a tune that gives us a picturesque image is very well appreciated as we can relate.

Furthermore, for personalities that prefer love and Story, We urgely suggest you fall in love with “No Forget”, Beautiful Night, Paradise, Ready, Nurse Alabere, Fight For you and Temptation. The rest of the tracks give you the feel of a wailing bachelor that touches very deep points in our daily lives like Pick Up, Ready and Friend Zone. If you love to relate with “beef”, Ariwo Ko is your Jam on this album.
All love for the album but next time, he should try and make less use of Yoruba if he wants to conquer a larger audience with his music because some of our Igbo and Hausa friends cannot relate.

Are you in love already? Wait!!!

We suggest you listen to Adekunle’s “GOLD” album with Bread, Peanut Butter and Palm Wine.
Thank Us Later!!!

We give it a 4/5 star rating

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