Hello readers…

I’m guessing you are probably curious on what exactly the volts vault is, well this is a little something for our devoted and knowledge seeking readers where each day I’ll bring different random educative things that might just interest you, ranging from facts you need to know, books you need to read, must watch movies/documentaries and so on. Now I must warn you, this vault is going to contain majorly educative things that I believe the more than average man should know, things I have learnt along the line and things I happen to come across.

As the saying goes, knowledge is power and so I’m dying to share as much knowledge as possible to help generate my own fair share of powerful people.  I certainly hope you gain a lot from this and I assure you it’ll be worth your while…don't worry its not going to be majorly book worm stuff, ill try to make it as random as possible.

That’s it for now…xx

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