Today's feature on The Volts Vault is the answer to that riddle.

Ever wondered how horses get to the Olympics? well Apparently they fly and in style too...

The horses on Olympic equestrian  events have their own passports and fly business class. As Olympians they need to be present at their events and its only fair they get there how other Olympians do.

According to the British Equestrian Olympic team, each horse has an individual limit for the flight, which includes its own weight plus items such as water buckets, tag bags and rugs. At least 11 grooms and vets are on each flight, Haylage (hay with higher moisture content than normal), plus water for drinking, is the equestrian equivalent of an airline meal tray,

The animals are loaded into stalls at ground level, then levered up into the plane. Stalls are built to accommodate three horses, but as these are Olympians, they'll fly the equivalent of business class which is two animals per stall.

The pilots usually try to control the plane more carefully, especially during take off and landing, to a typical flight so they don't feel that sudden deceleration. 

Horses receive passports at birth detailing their health history, markings and size. how and where they get their pictures taken tho is still a mystery...

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