Ever thought how sad it is that even when you think the world has advanced to a certain point where some certain things still shouldn't be happening, they're still happening...
I mean you would think that in this age and time we have gotten to, things like child marriage still won't be an issue. But people never cease to amaze you. 

Before I take this too personal let me give you the gist exactly...

So According to reports, a 14-year-old girl, Habiba Isa, who was abducted by a certain Jamilu Lawal sometime in August 2016, was converted to Islam and then forcefully married off by the Emir of Katsina, Alhaji Abdulmumin Usman to, just imagine, her kidnapper Jamilu Lawal.

Oh but it doesn't end there, Isiyaku Tanko, the father of the abducted girl, who was made to present his case by the Stefanos Foundation at a press conference in Abuja, stated that Jamilu had not only admitted to abducting his daughter but also revealed that she was currently being kept at the Palace of the Emir of Katsina and that the Emir had informed him that his daughter had been converted to Islam and he had received the sum of 50,000 Naira as dowry from Jamilu Ibrahim.

The Emir's defence was that he didn't forcefully convert Habiba nor forcefully marry her off to one Mr. Jamilu Lawal, who, get this, happens to works as an aide in the palace. He said that the girl converted to Islam on her own volition and was later married out according to Islamic rites to someone she really wanted to marry  

A girl who happens to be 14 years old, who isn't mature enough to vote, is apparently, according to the Emir, mature enough to pick her religion and get married? I'm not sure how that works exactly.
What's worse is that the Kastina Emirate says the marriage of the 'abducted 14 year old girl to Emir's aide is irreversible as there was no “evidence” that Habiba was forced to act against her wish.

The father of the abducted girl was said to have requested help from the Inspector General and the Christian Association of Nigeria but he is yet to get any results after a couple of days

His words were “The girl is a minor and things like this has to stop happening in this country because if it continues, people are going to result to self-help because where a person’s right has been deliberately refused, if the person has any strength, he will result to self-help.”  

Honestly we don't disagree with you Mr. Tanko, if we can't entrust the state with our rights and welfare then we have to do something ourselves.

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