Hi guys...

This year has been such a drag for me and after the long wait it's finally November, just one more month left to come and the year can finally end.
I bet most of you feel the same way, especially with the way Nigeria is right now, the struggles, lack of money, lack of job, and so on

So to help give a little motivation to survive and keep pushing on till the year ends, I'm going to give a list of 10 most inspirational songs. They are;

1. Rise up by Andra Day

Just know you'll rise up, you'll rise like the day, rise unafraid and do it a thousand times again...

2 The Greatest by Sia ft Kendrick Lamar

Don't give up, you will be the greatest...

3 Rise by Katy Perry

Victory is in your veins.

4. Bring it on by Psquare

Let life just keep bringing it on...

5. Nothing really matters by David Guetta

Sometimes you need to take a little time to dance your problems away, let nothing really matter but the beat.

6. Glory by John Legend ft Common

The glory would come and when it does it'll be ours.

7. Do the right thing by Cohbams ft Bez

No matter how hard it gets, keep doing the right things..

8. I lived by One Republic

You will own every second that this world could give, you'll see many places and look back on the great things you did...

9. Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

Sometimes feeling good about yourself is all you need to keep moving

10. I will survive by Gloria Gaynor

Cause in the end you will survive through it all.

If you haven't heard any song on this list, then you really need to and what better time to listen to it as you anticipate the new year...2017 is coming and with it, it'll bring greater things.

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