I wrote this some few months back and I've decided to drop it here. It's simply about how I feel the male and female relationship should be and if you don't agree with me, well I totally get it...actually I don't but lol we're allowed to disagree...

So I had a conversation with a friend some days ago and we were talking about the best age difference in a relationship which then diverted to what is acceptable and unacceptable of a man. Now the conversation ended with her saying she's going to pray for me. I tell her to pray for God to give me the man I want and not for something like changing the way I think.
In my opinion why must there be some unwritten law of what a woman should do or not and what a man should do and not do?...no am not a feminist if that's what your thinking... I Just feel that if love is as wonderful as they say then it must at least be understanding. A loving husband would help is wife same as a loving wife would help her husband. If i'm coming home after a long trip the least you could do is let me come home to a clean house, i dont want to hear excuses of how you're a man and you don't clean. If am tired and still cook a meal for you the least you could do is get the dishes. I am not saying this should be a regular occurance but once in a while the action would be welcome. If you truly love someone is it still so hard to go that extra mile???
They say a wife must respect her husband and he likewise. But as much as respect is difficult to earn it's much more easy to loose. How is a woman to respect a man if she continiously treats him like a chid? How is she to respect you if she continiously cleans up after you. You might thinks its okay because she never complains but mind you that's all the more dangerous because one day she'd loose it and i believe the Bible said it is better for a man to be alone in the desert than live with a quarrelsome wife. Some women might say it's alright so far they just forgive and endure but should marriage be at the cost of your happiness?? Well i think not.
A man should know how to take care of himself without his mother or wife, that kind of man is the kind i'd love take care of, where knowing he could do it all by himself makes me want to do it all the more, where knowing he could as well do it for me makes me want to do him all the more (wink).
For me it's the little things that count in love same as its the little things that destroy it. I honestly believe that the only reason we women are said to nag a lot is because we feel we are living with kids who need to be nagged and not men to be respected, now if this happens to be constant it's only a matter of time....
If you also feel the need to pray for me then please pray the Lord sees my heart and sends me a man of that calibar and not a prayer for my thoughts to change for i will continue to reject that. I Refuse to be Unhappy!
And just to point out the word "unfaithful" does not just fall under adultery, it also means to be deceitful. Lies could easily destroy your relationship as much as cheating.
And for all who are wondering what the best age difference is in a relationship well that's entirely up to you. His character would determine his real age, for even the old guys can be the most childish and the young the most mature. But i personaly hate men who dictate to me the most so nothing more than five years for me.

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