Coors Restaurant, VI.  

 My friends & I happen to check trip advisor and read reviews every now and then on different restaurants in Lagos. Most were too popular or had ridiculous prices. I just wanted some where really calm, not too popular, good food and perfect lighting for snapchat. Then someone suggested Coors.  So last weekend, my friends and I decided to stop by and have lunch. Although, the location seems quiet popular the restaurant doesn't seem to have a catchy look. The restaurant just seems really dull and almost out of service. Expecting less , we decided to try it out. 

Down to the real gist! This restaurant deserves four star since my review is based on service, beauty, comfort and FOOD. In fact I received the best service I have ever received anywhere else in Lagos!  Every waiter smiled politely and was ready to serve or do his job. The seats are so comfortable, the restaurant was well air conditioned and beautifully decorated. 

The food was very good. It tasted healthy with enough ingredients and much expertise in its preparation. In my opinion the food tasted good. One couldn't expect much better for a main dish going at three thousand and higher. The food was garnished properly and served by competent waiters. 

In general , it was a good experience. The scenery, the location and the service were really good.  In fact I'm thinking of suggesting it for family get together.  I also think you should try it out. The food was really up to par. 

PS - I hope they work on the menu. The menu on the website is quite different from the menu there. As it hasn't been updated on the website. Also , the restaurant needs to be repainted.  I mean, I didn't expect so much from the exterior but as they say , Never judge a book by its cover. 

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