-Old Costumes : 
        Let it go. 

- Bridesmaid Dresses :
        This is a hard one. You paid so much money for it. And no matter how much you want to believe your bride friend that you'll totally wear that merlot-coloured riches bodice chiffon cocktail dress again, you won't and you know it. Let it go. 

- Things someone gave you as a gift but you never liked : 
       I can totally relate to this. My mother has the knack of buying me ill-fitting clothes that I only have like and never wear( Sorry mom! ).  These things just sit there occupying space because I feel like I'll be hurting my mother by getting rid of them. If you have the same affliction, take solace in knowing that whosoever gifted it to you probably doesn't remember giving it to you in first place. Let it go.  

- Your perpetual 'fix it' pile : 
       If you were actually going to take that shoe to get resoled or that dress to get hemmed; you'll have done it by now. Clothes that have been sitting around for close to six months waiting to get mended are probably not things you're eager to wear anytime soon.  Fix it this week or ; Let it go. 

- Tangled or Discoloured jewellery : 
       All those now black or green once gold jewellery.  Let it go. 

- Shoes that leave you limping ( even if they're super cute ) : 
        We all have those super high, super sexy shoes that we put on while we're getting dressed and feeling good. Shoes that leave your suffering from trauma from the last time you thought you could survive the day/night in them. Let them go. Your feet will thank you. 

- Those things you held on to the last time you cleaned out your closet : 
       If you're anything like me, every time you clean out your closet, a pile remains that you're not ready to part with. Then that same pile is there for about six month or a year later when you tackle the organising task again, only to find out you forgot about it, but still feel attached, for whatever reason.  Repeat after me. Let it go.   

    Letting go doesn't necessarily mean burning the clothes or disposing them.  It just means giving it to someone else or better still taking it to the orphanage. Giving is key. Let it go.  

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