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With the holidays around and party season being in full swing.. Whether you enjoy partaking in big bashes or prefer the comfort and joys of home gatherings,it is always a good idea to brush up on manners before attending the next get-together.  Are you a good party guest ?
          Here are some party guest habits to adopt to ensure you'll be invited year after year.

- Bring a host gift :
          Show your host a little appreciation.  The Classic choices may include bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine; but why go to a wedding reception or birthday party with either of that. That's more suitable for home get together. Get your host something that'll be of value.

- Be Punctual :
         Anyone who has ever hosted a party can confirm, the best guests are those who arrive on time. Try not to arrive more than 15 minutes after the stated time.

- Talk to people you don't know :
          Sure all or most of your friends are at the party. But these are people you'll see again - how are you gonna meet new people if you just stick with your group all the time ? Make an effort to talk to other guests.

- Enjoy Yourself ; Within Reason :
          Do not over indulge, be it on alcohol or food. Of course your host wants you to make yourself comfortable but you're still a guest at someone's party. This means not drinking so much alcohol or eating more than enough food to the point of becoming messy or an annoyance to other guests.

- Be Present :
          You might be addicted to checking your social media accounts every hour, or find another party guest on the real snooze, but that's no excuse to check your phone. Cell phones should be left off the table. Ringtones, vibrations and often lit up screens often cause distractions. In fact a good policy is to leave your phone-on silent mode-in a bag or jacket pocket, so it's not distracting. If you must be available for an important call, excuse yourself from other guests.

Importantly ;
- RSVP :
        The art of the RSVP is dead, y'all. The number one grip I hear from hosts is that people don't RSVP or they do and don't show up, so it's almost impossible to tell who's coming and how much food you need. Please let's learn to RSVP.

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