Rock my boat

Roll it tight in the middle 

A pinch of pain deep in the center

Crack my boat, let my river consume your erogenous zone.

And now that you have drowned into my Pishon river, that flows through the golden land of Havilah

I have stolen your soul and locked it in a bottle

I have thrown it lost in the endless beauty of my river, hitting the onyx stones under.

I have created a new image in you, using my black ink and Bon mot...... Now you believe in this image, you cherish the canvass I draw on you

You believe in my spirituality, worshiping me not as a goddess but as a mighty god that I have made myself to be in you.......this is a pity I must say because when I leave, I would take my image with me, your soul still lost in my crystal clear fluss

So now I preach to you

You have been healed

Your iniquities washed away

Pure like the virgin quoted In the bible.....You have been redeemed from the pains caused by your poor taste in women.

You mere man has been blessed from the anointing of my extraordinary Jordan

I am a miracle you can never find again.


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