Hey guys...

It's that time of the season again, where you have to be with family and celebrate birth of our Saviour Jesus and the anticipation of a new year.

But for people like me who don't particularly have a plan, but are still trying to keep up the Christmassy feeling, we go in search of all the movies we can get our hands on, get a very warm blanket to go with the weather and for me nothing completes it like a cup of hot thick Milo (my replacement for hot chocolate).
And so for those of you like me, I'll be giving a list of the best movies to watch during Christmas, the ones sure to excite you through the Christmas season...

1 Number one on my list is none other than the greatest Christmas classic...Home Alone.

Christmas couldn't possibly get better than this

2 Because comedy and romance are two things that make a good Christmas....The Best Man Holiday

Too bad we're still single though.

3 for those animation lovers (me), this is a twisted version of Christmas eve...Nightmare before Christmas

Only if these things were actually real

4 Because Christmas is best spent with family...This Christmas

Where are your own family??

5 Again with the romance...The Holiday

Christmas is all about sharing the love

6 Another animation to celebrate this cold harmattan...Frozen

For those whose heart are covered in Ice...

7. Because laughter is the best medicine...A trip to America

Yh yh laugh off the lonliness...

8 This for those of us that spent majority of the holiday in a hotel....The Holiday Inn

Nothing sounds better than Christmas in a Hotel...

9. And this is well just because....The Huntsman (winter war)

This is still love related isn't it...

10. Because I love a good Christmas romance...Love actually

Santa send me a man already...

That's it for now... Enojy.

Oh and a Merry Christmas in Areas and a Happy New Year in advance.

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