Ever got stuck in Traffic with nothing to do? Here, we bring you tips to help you stay lit and wavy in Lagos Traffic.
Leave home early for appointment
If you have an appointment with anyone in Lagos, you should leave home as early as possible.  What you should simply do is to leave home early to avoid traffic. For an 8 a.m appointment, you should leave home 5 a.m. This is the daily routine of an average Lagosian who resides in the Ikorodu area of Lagos and works on the Island.
Don’t waste your time with Danfo drivers
It's a serious issue when they tell you to enter with your change and you don't have any change on you. Most conductors are very harsh with a little bit of "Igara Chicken". Just beg, don't raise your voices at them because you would end up regretting it. On this bullet point, this is where you practice the phrase, "Humility is Key".
Use your seat belt (If you drive)
Don't ever wait till you get caught by the LASTMA officials before you do the right thing. Often Times, these officials are seen prowling around in traffic looking for their "daily bread". Due to traffic stress, Motorists tend to ease themselves of the tight seat-belts, which leads into another story entirely! Don't be a Sule!
Buy Gala and Lacasera
What can we actually do without food? This combination has been rumored to be one of the best life savers in Lagos traffic. Bothered about where to get this in traffic, say no more! Just take a look at the nearest car window close to you and there it is! In various sizes, shapes and brands; Gala and Lacasera saves lives.
MUSIC Helps!
Music as they say is the food of the soul! Once you sense the traffic building up, Aunt, Uncle, Mummy and Daddy; bring out your earpiece and listen to Music. You would be amazed at how much it works. Well, just a tip to prepare ahead; Get your favorite music in a playlist and make sure to put each and every one on repeat!
Enjoy the traffic
Lagos traffic can be very boring and frustrating at times. Despite this, you will always find something that will make you laugh and lighten your mood. Is it the conductor fighting the passenger because of change or the Lastma official who jumps into of a moving car? This will help you worry less about the gridlock.

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