Olivia opened her multi colored book and began writing;
 "Hello journal and welcome to our world or rather our clique. You must be wondering why I chose such a quack title, there's no particular reason as I'm not exactly a writer. I do it leisurely. I guess it's rather exciting to express yourself to yourself. Hahaha, hope that made some sense. 

So now to the members of my clique: There's Cara Coles, Janet James, Amanda Johnson, Danielle Barnes, and not to forget yours truly Olivia Richardson 

We don't always get to practice what we study, everyone wants a professional course oblivious to what the future really holds. I studied mass communication and I was jobless for about two years. I had an aunt who was into interior decorations so I decided to join her, I was running mad from staying idle and daily tantrums from my parents. I later discovered interior decorations wasn't my calling so I begun event planning, it pays way better, bye aunt! 

So back to my friends, Cara, she's the prettiest amongst us and sure has her way around life. According to her, she lacked patience to graduate the university. And no, none of us attended the same university so I can't tell if it's true or not. Cara is plump, light skinned and has the right curves at the right places. She wasn't always plump until she had Aiden, such a cute little boy. Cara owns a boutique which she claims a certain politician set up for her, she really hit it big there. 

Janet, drama queen as we all call her is an actress. She's the sexiest of us all. Tall, slender and dark skinned, she had the right figure for a model as well. I guess being that hot got her major roles in movies. With the way her bank account glowed, I always wondered why she was still friends with us. 

You would agree that there's no clique without some craziness. Danielle is a psycho. Her stay at an asylum hangs by a thread, haha, that's a bit of an exaggeration. Danielle happens to be my favorite. She's fairly pretty, dark skinned, free spirited and has beautiful brown eyes. Danny like I love to call her is an artist, she never let a week go by without visiting the gym and having sex. Her hormones were out of this world, she goes to bed with any guy that tickles her fancy; age was never a barrier. I just hope she never gets attracted to little Aiden.

 Where the boys at?
You're probably pondering why I haven't mentioned any guys in our lives, well there are none. We're single asides Amanda, and just maybe she might join our league soon enough. She has been engaged for five years to Kelechi, haha at least it's not nine right? Amanda is also pretty, she happens to be the smartest and shortest amongst us. She graduated with good grades and is a renowned lawyer, our lawyer. Amanda isn't one to speak a lot but when necessary never lost an argument. Ama believes in having a proper family and holding on to one guy. Thumbs up babe! 

And nah, we aren't a bunch of twenty year olds who just begun life. We've seen it, lived it and loved it. We're all in our early 40's, well except Amanda who would be turning 40 in a few weeks. 

I didn't skip my description, I'm the writer so I needed to save the best for the last 😁. I'm light skinned, quite tall and fleshy. My weight loss comes and goes like the menstrual period. I stuff myself with all I can lay my hands on after a heartbreak, I've had the most heartbreaks and I never understood why. I allow every guy who seemed like a gentleman for a few weeks toil with my heart and leave me more shattered than the last. I always wanted more, and no one was ever willing. I guess I'm the dumbest and nicest in my clique. I always envied Danielle's lifestyle, she never fell in love and didn't have to cry every now and then. 

Well, I hope you enjoy the ride on our lives...

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