At Cara's Office in the boutique. 

 "Common babe, don't tell me you plan on celebrating it at work" Cara said taking a sip from her hot cup of tea. "At work? No that's definitely not gon'happen" Danielle said while typing and smiling at her phone. 

It was another Saturday where the girls had a link up, they discussed everything and anything. The link ups during the week were always rare and only due to an emergency. 

"But I don't know what plans Kelechi has on..." Amanda started and got interrupted. "Why should we be bothered about his plans? I mean it's your fucking 40th and we're going to party hard" Janet says surfing the Internet as usual. She was always on her laptop searching for more movie roles and new producers. 
"So she shouldn't involve her boyfriend because you want to party hard huh?" Olivia says looking towards Janet. "That guy is a party pooper mehn, he'll end up dulling all of our spirits, babe.." Janet says keeping her laptop on the table and turning to Amanda "if you really want to enjoy your day big time, tell him it's a girls thing." Janet says picking up her laptop. "Common it's my fiancé we're speaking of here" Amanda adds. "And so? The one that only puts effort into buying engagement rings? I hope he realizes you're turning 40 and finally ties the knot" Danielle says sounding crazy as usual. "I agree with Danielle though, you can't keep being caged. Have you even discussed marriage recently? Olivia says looking towards Amanda. As Amanda is about to speak, Cara mimics "we're taking our time". She beats Amanda to the usual line. "See Ama, they both want the best for you, I mean we all do" Cara adds going through her bag in search of her car keys. "Alright fine, I'll bring it up soon enough" Amanda finally says. 
"Girls! I've got to go now. I need to get acquainted with aiden's new school and all. His teachers keep complaining and he's been there for just a few months" Cara says standing up. "Sorry mummy, I can help if you want" Danielle says smiling. "Not a chance! I wont allow you spoil my son silly girl" Cara says playfully as she walks out of her boutique. 

Hello journal, today wasn't bad Afterall. We had our usual link up and it was at Cara's boutique. We all decided to leave three hours after Cara left to settle her son's business. Poor Aiden, I wonder why he already had problems. 

Did I mention Aiden's father? 
Well, he has got none we know of. I mean Cara doesn't exactly know his father. I think she had a lot of run around while he was conceived. Bad girl! 
I'm about heading over to my office now... 

At Aiden's School.
"Goodday Mrs Coles, my name is Mr Adeolu. It's good you showed up as this is quite important". The teacher says closing a file on his desk. "Oh goodness! what went wrong? Is Aiden alright?" Cara asks immediately. "Yes, he's doing better now. He got into a fight again..." The teacher starts. "Oh no, was it very serious?" Cara asks. "Well, they're both injured and they don't look good. Your boy is a little aggressive for an 8yr old". The teacher adds. "Tell me what I don't know" she says tiredly and continues "he was never like this you know.." Cara says. "I think he needs more attention, probably fatherly support. He appears rather alone, sad and....". Mr Adeolu says before being interrupted. "Err, Mr Aaade..." Cara starts. "Mr Adeolu, Deji Adeolu ma." Mr Adeolu corrects. "Yes, mr Adeolu, I am a single mother and it's Miss Coles not Mrs, that's by the way. Are you a therapist or a teacher? I'll prefer if you quit being nosy and stick to your practice. Where's my son by the way?". Cara asks standing up. "I'm sorry Miss Coles, I didn't mean any harm. I just care about the boy". "How sweet of you. Can you show me where my son is now?". Cara asks unnicely. "Oh right away ma". Mr Adeolu says as they walk out of his office. 

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