An affiliate of Oxymoron Incorporation ;  Volts is a new/premium online hub created by students of a prestigious private University which ranges from Pop Culture, University Education News, Lifestyle and Entertainment to enlighten the Average African Youth on the importance of the evolving Media phase. A platform to inform & inspire young and budding students on public news in all sectors. Volts is a print media form that allows quick and easy access through their online magazine to all Business, Technology, Gossips, Entertainments and Enterprise News across the African continent. Volts Africa is a Subsidiary of Volts Inc. which hopes to delve into the minds of readers, both young and old. Our Mission is to provide credible information to all youth readers across all private University Campuses and connecting readers from all walks of life. We hope you Enjoy VOLTS AFRICA.

To get to the hearts of our readers while targeting the Lifestyle in Vogue considered by the African youth, VOLTS AFRICA has created a package that contains the ordinary lifestyle of a youth and all articles relating to the steps of youthful appreciation and exuberance. In our “Pop of Culture” column, we take readers into a different dimension of the way to appreciate things not just around them but within them. Not only is this column for Lifestyle, It showcases the way the youths prefer to see things and the way youths want to be viewed across the continent at large. Inside VOLTS AFRICA, we like to capture the mind of our youth readers as we abide by the universal phrase “Youths are the leaders of Tomorrow.”

As part of our integrity to promote News that can inspire youths across the continent, we created a column that serves as an easy and accessible means for Youths to know the Pros and Cons of becoming an entrepreneur, what it takes to have a successful business ; and how we can derive satisfaction as an entrepreneur. This column consists of articles ranging from “Startups” to “Work and Ethics” with interesting stories on How to become a better entrepreneur. Our Enterprise also involves giving Mentorship advises to youths and our wide range of readers to help in making successful steps towards a brighter future.

Building great Leaders of tomorrow can only be achievable through Learning and Education, that’s why Volts Africa has created a platform where students can have an intuitive knowledge of what they learn in their Lecture rooms. In here, topics would be focused on, depending on what is practicable physically. Volts Africa vouches to bring the best in our student readers. ENJOY!!!

The sole Task of Volts Africa is to divide equal representation between Academics and Entertainments. The Entertainment industry is becoming a better place for the youths through individual disposition and initiatives. Volts Africa strives to create an attention and interest to our audience in respect of also giving pleasures and delights. We are into activities or events that have developed over thousands of years specifically for the purpose of keeping our audience's attention directed towards complete coverage of CELEBRITY NEWS, CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS, TV, AWARDS, MUSIC REVIEWS, RUNWAYS and RED CARPET EVENTS. 

We develop Youth creativity through ENTERTAINMENT
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